Sunday, October 17, 2010

Guess Who's Almost Walking

The very next day after making my last post Cooper took his first few steps! I'm so glad that Brien and I were both around to witness this milestone. I am actually starting a Marketing/Technical Writer contract position this week. My hours will be from 8:30 to 2:30, and I am excited about having the best of both worlds. Anyhow, I would have been so sad if I had missed Cooper's first steps while at work. While he's still crawling almost everywhere, he's very close.

With each day Cooper has really started to take notice of the world around him, and it is so fun to watch him grow and observe his surroundings. Like when he first pointed something out to me. He was playing on one of those plastic toddler slides when all the sudden he started grabbing my leg and making a commotion. I picked him up, and he pointed down to the slide, where there was the biggest wheel bug you've ever seen. He's been pointing at things left and right ever since.
(I always thought these were stink bugs until I googled this image.)

Brien had plans to golf with his friends on Monday morning, but when he went to load his clubs in the car he saw that they were gone - swiped from our garage. Brien's golf bag and the gear it contained were easily his most prized (not to mention valuable) worldly possessions, so you can only imagine how he felt when he realized they'd been stolen. He filed the police report Tuesday and has started his insurance claim. So, please learn from our mistake. Make sure to keep your garage closed when you aren't right there. I always kept mine open when we were outside, running between the front and back yards, but not any more. It really freaks me out that someone was rummaging through our garage while we were nearby and I'm so thankful they didn't wander into our house.

Thursday, Saturday Soccer Games
On Thursday night the Cowgirls played Colorado and won 3-2. The game was televised with over 1,000 fans in attendance. Pretty exciting. The Cowgirls are now ranked No. 5 by the NSCAA (after Stanford, Portland, North Carolina, and Notre Dame), which is amazing, and also the highest ranking in Oklahoma State's history. Go Cowgirls!

On Saturday they faced Nebraska and won 4-2. Nebraska has the conference's leading scorer on their team, which had us a little worried. Kristen never came out of the game. Next week they play Texas and Texas A&M - both away games we won't be able to attend, but we'll be following from home and hoping they keep their perfect conference record. Kristen was telling us she has heard some crazy A&M stories like how one year the fans read in an article that the goal keeper's biggest fear was clowns so a bunch of them dressed up as clowns and sat behind the goal to distract her from the game.

We are so glad that Kristen is getting so much playing time on the field. She's definitely a team contributor.

Check out to see some professional pictures of Kristen in action. Brien found this site.

Iron-On Fun
I bought this houndstooth pattern iron-on sheet at Hobby Lobby ($2.99) last week to make Kenzie a new OSU t-shirt since we are going to so many games these days and she only has a couple of OSU tees. It took a little while to draw the "O", which I thought would be easiest to do, and I'm happy with how it turned out.
Next, I am going to use my scraps to cut out Kristen's number, 12, to match her jersey numbers, and iron them on the back of the t-shirt (Wal-Mart $3.50).

I also bought Kenzie's gerbera daisy barrette at Hobby Lobby ($3.99). They have quite a few colors, and Kristen told me later that lots of college girls are buying these and clipping them to their headbands. (If you want one, check the Hobby Lobby weekly specials first to see if their coupon relates. I asked if these ever go on sale and was told no.)

Bishop Kelley Comet Volleyball
Brien's sister, Claire, is a Sophomore this year and an amazing volleyball player (and soccer player too). Her team won the 5A state championship in Shawnee on Saturday evening. (Right after the soccer game in Stillwater we loaded up and headed to Shawnee, my home town.)

The Comets played Oklahoma City's Bishop McGuiness. Claire's cousin, Mary Kate, is on that team, so there was a big Roy family showing. Cousins Allison and Lindsey play for Edmond Memorial, the 6A state champions who played just before the Comets. Edmond Memorial is the toughest competition Bishop Kelley has played in the state. During the season, the Edmond team beat Kelley when they first played, but Kelley won the most recent match up between the two teams.

This win makes the fourth state volleyball championship Kelley has won in a row.

My parents kept Kenzie and Connor for us on Saturday and took them on a fun trip to Livesay Orchards in Porter for a pumpkin patch outing. As soon as I collect the pictures from my sister, Holly, I will be sure to share in my next post.

That's all for now.

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