Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bad Weekend for Sports Team Favs

The Cowgirl Soccer team played two games in Texas this weekend and lost them both 1-0, handing over the Big 12 Championship title to Texas A&M - major bummer. This upcoming Friday they play OU in Norman. The Cowgirls beat OU at home earlier in a pre-season match up, so hopefully they are finished with a brief losing streak. They also still have a chance to prevail as the Big 12 Tournament Champions.

And, of course, everybody knows the Cowboys and Sooners football games were big upsets this weekend too.

America's Greatest Homecoming Celebration
Speaking of Cowboy football, on Friday night we ventured to Stillwater for OSU Homecoming Walkarounds to check all of the house decorations. We were planning to meet up with Brien's brother, Tommy, who is a Sigma Nu. The only trouble was that he laid down on his couch when his house finished their house deck (after staying up the entire night before and working on it all day long to meet the deadline) and didn't wake up until 2 AM, so we never got to see him. I did however run into a handful of people I know among the tens of thousands, and it was so fun to see them. Jennifer Mosburg (pictured) was one of those special people. We grew up together in Shawnee, and she lived down the street and around the corner from me. Her little boy, Brittain, looks just like her. He's 15 months and just adorable. He seems to have that cute expression in all of his pictures. Anyway, she is one of my all time favorite people, so seeing her alone made our trip worthwhile.

The results are in! Chi-O/Fiji won the house decoration contest and sweepstakes. I was never in a good position to take pictures of the house decorations, but I found them online and linked just for you. If you have never been to walkarounds at OSU, this event is a huge deal and means a lot to current students and alumni alike.

Fun Day at St. Pius
Kenzie has been looking forward to Fun Day, her school's Halloween carnival, for weeks, asking me every day when we would get to go. The kids dress up in their Halloween costumes and trick or treat at each classroom and play every sort of bean bag, ball, even cow patty toss game you can imagine to win a stash of candy when all is said and done. So, today was the big day, and my Mom came with me to help manage all three kiddos.

We dressed Kenzie as a princess after finding this ballet costume at a resale shop ($6.99) that she just had to have. It was in bad shape, so I had to resew the skirt by hand, and I'm just hoping it will stay intact through Halloween. I added the darker blue flowers so that I could make the crown using felt, glitter and a pipe cleaner that tied everything together.

For the boys, we opted to make them pirates since we just finished reading a book about ghost pirates. If you have boys and haven't decided what to make them yet, this option is so easy. They each already had brown pants and long sleeved white shirts, so I just bought two yards of red pre-cut, packaged fabric at Wal-Mart ($5) and cut a sash and hat for each and made skulls and crossbones out of felt and pinned on. I bought Connor a sword and eye patch, making the total for both pirates about $10. Can't beat that.

Princess pose - just needs a bluebird to perch on her wrist. Funny how they instantly get into character.

Kenzie with her former classmate, Bryce, whose costume scared her. She wouldn't even take the picture without me standing behind them. Their family goes all out in the costume department every year.

Happy Birthday Dear Cooper
Cooper turned one today! I can't believe it has already been one year. He is growing up so fast. And, Brien's birthday follows tomorrow. We'll be celebrating their combined birthdays with a family party next weekend. Still need to figure out what's on the menu.

October is a huge month for Kelley family birthdays. In fact, we just celebrated Timmy's and Kristen's birthdays last weekend with an extended family birthday party.

Timmy turned 23, and Kristen 19.

Cousins Avery, Cameron and Jackson with Aunt Claire and Kenzie

The kids with Cousin Tommy's new husky puppy. So cute, it doesn't even look real. No, we aren't getting a dog.

That's a wrap.


Megan B said...

We were in Stillwater Friday night - too bad we didn't run into you! The Sigma Nu house deck was my favorite!

Kayna said...

I'll have to tell Tommy you said so. Wish we had seen you. I should have called to see if you guys were going. I imagine we'll head up there the next few years while Tommy and Kristen are going to school.